the Vinyl BeaTs
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Music from the Golden Age of Vinyl
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Mike Steele


I started playing guitar at 10 years old during which time I was listening and influenced by the Beatles, Hollies and Shadows.

My first guitar was a Rosseti Lucky 7 white semi of course which I played through a Dallas 4-watter amp, which was later replaced with an AC30. This amp had 6 inputs which allowed the whole band to go through it!

At 18, I gave up playing the guitar in favour of football, girls and beer (not necessarily in that order). It wasn’t until my first marriage ended that I took up the guitar again and joined the Bob Pearce blues band in 1982. I went on to form the now famous Mikeys Rock and Soul Band with Arnie Cottral, Steve Groves, Sid Carter and Steve Roberts. When this had run its course I joined ‘Soul Survivors’ a great band fronted by Chris Shakespeare.

Following on from this fabulous band was Rufus Stone, who I played with for 7 years playing some great venues and support slots, their keyboard player at the time was Ray Drury. When Ray and I left Rufus Stone, we played in various R&B line-ups one of which ‘The Steam Machine’ still runs to date..

I am so at home working with The Vinyl Beats. It’s Fantastic!

Mike Pete Bob Alan

Photo courtesy of Terri Johnson